My Introduction 

My name is Gabriella Kurczeski and I am 19 years old.  Here's a little more about me.

I am a junior at the University of Maryland, currently studying psychology and English (an odd pairing, I know).  I love writing, elephants, and the color green. 


 As an aspiring law student, I have always had a profound interest in both human rights and community service and yet, I never quite knew how to truly make an impact in my community.


After traveling to a discreet women's shelter in the Washington D.C. area alongside my women's leadership class, I was particularly impacted by the unique stories and experiences of the survivors.  Listening to the very real and raw emotions shared by both the staff and residents inspired me to continue my research on domestic violence after our field trip.

The statistics and stories shook me to my core.


Reading, writing, and the arts have given me an outlet to express myself for years.  As a person with my own personal struggles, these tools have allowed me the opportunity to rediscover myself and allow for substantial internal growth. 


I started this mission during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic to help the women in our community who need it most.  As women, it is important we continue to uplift and support the women and families who have experienced hardship.  

​Every person- no matter age or background -deserves the opportunity to self-expression and growth.  Thank you for supporting!


Current Locations!

New Jersey